Beyond being a truly gifted artist, Jennifer is an absolutely delightful person.
—Tony and Sonja Prata



Jennifer has been an asset to our creative team for several years with her keen sense of design and willingness to be a collaborative partner. She has a diverse background of design styles, and brings her own personal history to the project, making the final result incredibly rich and interesting.

Her murals, whether large or small, are brilliantly completed within our designated time frames and budgets. She is adept at both historic and contemporary styles and eloquently translates these to canvas. Her finished products always exceed our expectations, and are more delightful than we could of imagined. The sense of enthusiasm that she interjects into each project makes her a complete joy to work with. She is considered to be a valued and important consultant to our creative team.

—Tommy Bahama Design Team

When I approached Jennifer Carrasco about a vision I had for the Palace Kitchen, I never would have believed how well she could carry it out. Jennifer is Seattle’s premiere muralist and I’m proud to have her work hanging on my wall!

—Tom Douglas, Owner of six well known Seattle restaurants, including Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, and Etta’s


Jennifer’s studio is not in a Rococo forest, nor does she share it with fairies or the winged and four-legged creatures that populate her paintings. But to know Jennifer is to know that the warmth and joy in her work is, without a doubt, a projection of who she is.

I’ve had the good fortune of watching her evolution over the past 15 years, since the completion of her first grand mural at The Ruins. As an artist myself, it is inspiring to witness her evolution – she just gets better and better! I can also appreciate the prodigious command she has over her materials, which are so closely allied to to the many magical effects she produces.

—Mitchell Albala, Author, Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice

We came to know Jennifer when we were in the process of designing our son’s nursery. We had decided upon an African safari theme and had very specific ideas as to what the mural would depict. After discussing our criteria with Jennifer, we knew that she was the right artist to execute our vision. Unique to our project was the fact that we wanted to incorporate two disparate terrains; semi-dessert and lush jungle. Jennifer was excited by the challenge and was able to meld the two terrains together to create a room that appears seamlessly integrated.

The next project we worked with Jennifer on was a painting entitled “Twilight on the Salish.” It was a project that had a lot of meaning to me as my late mother was part Salish. The goal of the painting was to bring to life part of my ancestral past; literally a window in time depicting Salish life in Montana. Intertwined in the story are Native American artifacts and indigenous vegetation, which have special meaning to us. The painting is truly a family heirloom.

Working with Jennifer was an incredible experience for us. She carefully listened to our ideas and was equally passionate about our love of Africa and Montana. Jennifer did extensive research to ensure that all of the elements in each project were accurate; down to the tiniest of insects. She was also excellent at giving us feedback in terms of the appropriate amount of detail to include. Throughout the design process, Jennifer was cognizant of our budget and kept us apprised as to whether we were within our parameters. Further, Jennifer consistently met our timeline for both projects. Beyond being a truly gifted artist, Jennifer is an absolutely delightful person.

—Tony and Sonja Prata


I have known Jennifer Carrasco for longer than ten years, and worked with her on numerous occasions. She painted our living room scenes and arranged for it to be hung by a professional paper hanger. The room is always getting compliments from guests who see it. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to add a special touch to a room, or to a business! She is not only a highly talented professional artist, but also a good friend.

—James Sobieck