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Colored Pencil and Watercolor Class starts March 13!

Ok.  I'm a garden addict.  I admit it and I don't want to be cured.  I like drawing/painting flowers because I ADORE them and unless there are lots (as in three lilac bushes worth), I am in constant quandraries.  To pick or not to pick.  I love them in the garden and I love them in the house. (and with a mouse, Sam I am)

I think this comes from a former life where I was a glamorous hacienda owner and always needed fresh gardenias on the tea table.

So, to celebrate this spring (winter has been far tooooo long this year) the class unit will experiment with colored pencil and watercolor for Botannical Art.  A bit more drawing basics in this class, of course.   Tra la.

My mother always said "If your house is dirty and your mother-in-law is turning up in five minutes, throw the laundry in the closet, open the windows, and put out FRESH FLOWERS".

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