Going to Russia!
Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 2:30PM
Jennifer Carrasco

I am going to St. Petersburg, Russia, to join the International 2016 Salon from May 16 to May 31st with an end trip to Moscow.  This is an invitational event of artists from all over the world showing and demonstrating their painting skills. We are to hang our work in the Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg Union of Artists, just a few steps away from the Hermitage and the Palace Square.

I am thrilled.

Here is my submission, and my poem about the images which I will post along side the painting with a Russian translation. (Thank you, "Spaciba" Anya Paperno)


First City of Dreams


In the Metropolis of Imagination

There are no closed doors.


A bird perched 

on the open cage threshold


declares all dreams

are at large in this night city.


So Misha growls his long poem,

and Bumblebee sings a song of flowers.


Mouse wiggles through bars of the cage.

Paints with one hand and draws with the other.


Songbird trills a sonata 

at the edge of a Faberge egg.


And beautiful mad Nijinsky

designs his next dance.


Undone, not closed, unlocked,

unfurled and wide open. All.


Transparent houses, the tower of maidens,

All are moving, unmoored, unlatched, unobstructed.


The Firebird breathes his blaze in the sky..

He’s a trumpet of light in a bright haze of bluebirds. 


And the dreamers below release their wild visions 

to soar from the city, up from their Township of Art. 

Jennifer Carrasco


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