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Watercolor Workshop in Idaho

As part of my work in (Far) Eastern Washington, Mary Flerchinger, president of the Blue Mountain Artisan's Guild,  and I set up time for a watercolor and acrylic workshop in Clarkston, Washington…just over the hill from Pomeroy Washington where I was working on a church restoration project. Mary arranged for us to get a space at the Valley Art Center.  The management there was very accomodating, and the space was perfect.

No one in the group had had much luck with watercolor before, but brave souls they were, they all signed up to give the medium another try.  And look at their results! I think the paintings are terrific. They set up designs based on actual autumn leaves I had scrounged in the backyards of Pomeroy, and we paid special attention to the way watercolor pigments moved in damp areas, the negative spaces and what worked as glazes in both watercolor and acrylics.

You go, Julie!


Carol Beginning.....

Jem Concentrating...

Great colors, Martha!

Gorgeous! Sharon and Patricia! And, at the end of class, I raffled off the wonderful Golden acrylics, the RocLon canvas leftovers, and the fabulous Daniel Smith watercolors.  Everyone got a piece of the action!

Oh boy, let's PAINT, Mary!