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Sister Act or I Told You We Weren't Normal

My sisters, Megan, Eileen and Brigid, and my niece Jessica all came to visit me a couple of weeks ago.  I threw a girl party when they arrived and invited some of my West Seattle and Burien girlfriends, Sabrina, Caroline, Cameron and Jeanne. Phil fled after this picture. Guess which ones are my sisters. 


First my sisters and niece had to pass a loyalty test and eat my Pinterest failures

The next morning I went downstairs and found the three in bed reading the trashy magazines I supplied for them.

We discussed the lives of celebrities and worked on our grooming.

That afternoon we took the ferry to Vashon Island for our vacation idyl. I kept cutting Jessica’s head off in photos.

We stayed in a lovely VRBO cabin on the water.  Jessica, a non alcohol drinker, expertly drove my brother-in-law’s one ton black Chevy truck with King Cab,so the aunties could drink lotsa  wine.

My youngest sister Brigid brought 8 pairs of shoes for two days.  She is our fashionista.

We practiced our traditional family rituals.  This is Megan with her “but… you didn’t make me one” expression.  I had made two paper mache pins for the twins in the 70’s  and Brigid brought hers to our get together.  Props for Brigid!

Then Eileen performed her “Mother always wanted ME to have that (scarf, earrings, etc.)”  She really got the fine points….subtle pursing of lips, narrowing of eyes, the wounded voice. etc. etc. Good job, Eileen!

 I asked my niece Jessica Invasive Aunt questions like “When are you going to have babies”, and “Why don’t you go to church”.  Jessica is in training but she did well.

Then the grand old, “What, no more wine!” expression.  Well done girls!

We ended our vacation with a visit to our cousin’s Vashon farm. Maggie showed us around her lovely farm…sheep, sheep dogs, donkey, cat and chickens galore. Later, she sent me this haiku to commemorate  the event. (We are all McCabe cousins)

Here come the McCabes

Party in a big ass truck

All smiles and noses




Sister Act. Eileen, me, Megan and Brigid.  I cried all day when they left.

Reader Comments (1)

What a sweet story. And your art is so beautiful, whimsical, and filled with magic, too. And how hard you must work to produce so much!

September 19, 2015 | Unregistered Commentermelyndorf

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