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Staring at Goats • Farm Art 

Here's looking at you, Kid.


When my sister Megan and her veterinarian partner Dave purchased a 75 acre farm in the Palouse area of Washington state, and also acquired 29 goats, I knew that a road trip across the state was in order.  Also, my cousin Richard was having a 70th birthday party, and Phil and I wanted in on the fun.

After a 6 hour trip from Seattle down to the most south eastern part of Washington, Phil and I drove through my home town of Pomeroy and ten miles out on dusty gravel roads to the Farm.

We immediately felt at home. 

And I hauled a chair out to the middle of the field to get acquainted with the Herd. 

Dave and Megan had branded their goats with a no pain method of dipping the bottom of a pepsi bottle into dye and stamping the goat.

The goats were all vaccinated, de-wormed and the boy goats have their balls tied off. Dave has a moveable electric fence (solar powered!) to keep out coyotes and cougars, and to keep the goats moving to fresh meadows.

 I asked Dave what he planned to do with all those goats, and he said he would sell the ones "Megan hadn't grown attached to."  Like remodeling houses and selling them, Dave is "flipping goats".  A much safer investment in this economy.

Megan's favorite goat, Sweetie.

Megan with the herd.

Goat activities mainly center around eating.  ANYTHING.



Trees, leaves and grass.  Dead branches.  My journal.

The barn cat came over for a visit.  Stand off with goat. 

Magpies hung about, hoping for what–glitter?  Their nest near the pasture is a big clump of twigs, and they enter their nest toward the bottom. A fortress of twigs against the hawks and eagles.


Later, my sister Eileen and my brother in law John came out for dinner.  We had several delicious dinners, in fact.  None of them, fortunately, goat or rabbit.

Eileen inspecting the goats with loveslut Mabel, the guard dog.

All the lilacs were blooming.  I swooned in purple and green.  The green back yard, mowed beautifully by Megan on her green John Deere mower, the hills beyond were green crushed velvet, the trees flecked gold green and sap green.  All was a visual wallow of green with mounds of purple.

The back yard.

The side yard.

I helped Megan plant veggies in her garden, and Phil and I went over to check out my cousin Bill and Ginny's garden for tips.  They have an amazing set up.  A very nice easy access house (Bill has the McCabe back trouble) and a huge warehouse for projects and food (dated and stored)/generator/equipment storage.  I told them they were survivalists without being fascists.

I like this photo of Bill wading through the grass in the valley below his house.

My cousin Richard had a grand party....good food, and being Irish, a lot of razzing, jokes and booze.  Jason and Carmen, his kids, really did a splendid job.  I don't have photos because I was too busy chatting and eating and catching up.  Since Richard and his brother John, another esteemed cousin in my huge batch of 1st cousins, owned and operated a morturary home, there were a lot of undertaker jokes.
My favorite was about Richard and a buddy driving with 4 caskets and bodies on a trailer down one of Idaho's precipitous grades when the trailer brakes failed, and they landed in the ditch.  The newspaper, the Lewiston Tribune, headlined the accident with:  Four Dead, Nobody Hurt.

After 4 days, we left the farm.  I took a (sort of) American Gothic photo of Dave and Megan on their front porch and drove into town to stop by to say goodbye to Leenie and John. 

John has grown his hair out now and I must say he looks very "judgely" when he slips on his robes for sitting on the bench.

And then off across the wide open spaces of Washington State to the rainy, noisy, traffic snarled world of Seattle. And our cozy little home and garden.